Galway Bay All Weather Pants Review

imageGalway Bay All Weather Pants
Grade: A
Teachers’ Comments: Warm and Dry. Nearly perfect.

The search for the perfect bad-weather golf pants is over. Galway Bay wins hands down.

Galway Bay sent me a pair of their All Weather Pants a couple of weeks ago for testing, and I deliberately picked a windy, cold and misty day to run them through their paces. I was impressed. Throughout the day, my legs were toasty warm and dry, turning what could have been a rather unpleasant experience into a good one (I of course wore the usual array of high tech weather gear on the rest of me).

The Galway Bay All Weather pants feature a two part design. The outer windproof/waterproof layer is composed of a lightweight fabric and looks like a regular pair of summer weight golf pants. The inner layer is a Polartec Power Dry Liner, separate from the outer layer, sewn in at the waist, and attached at the bottom with button. The Polartec fits somewhat snugly around the legs, while the outer layer lays smooth and natural.

The combination works very well.

Unlike some rain pants which come only in general small, medium and large sizes, Galway Bay offers pants in specific waist and inseams, and has a general unhemmed 37 inch inseam available so your local tailor can fit to your exact size. The waists are equipped with elastic, so they give an inch. If you’re between sizes, I recommend ordering down.

A nice touch are the extra deep, 9” pockets. The back pockets have magnetic clasps, which is interesting. The belt loops are extra wide to accommodate even the big belts that are now in style. Galway Bay has done lots of little things right.

The ends of the legs on the pre-hemmed versions are done in a v-cut style. I presume that you can get your tailor to duplicate the look on the unhemmed pants.

My only criticism of the pants is the rather ostentatious “Galway Bay” lettering silkscreened on the back right pocket and on a front pocket. It makes an otherwise sharp looking pant look cheap. Galway Bay should at the least get some embroidery instead.

Galway Bay’s All Weather Pants are now my go-to apparel for bad weather outings.

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