Gatorade Drops Tiger’s Drink

Gatorade has dropped “Tiger Focus,” the sports drink “designed by” Eldrick Woods.

The company says that the recent unpleasantness had nothing to do with the end of the product line, and I actually believe them (of course, my record on this sort of thing is not good lately, since I initially refused to believe all the tabloid reports following the initial crash).

As for the drink, I say good riddance. I thought it a little creepy, anyway. The drink was designed to mimic the contents of Tiger’s sweat. The theory, I guess, is that the drink would replace the electrolytes, minerals or what have you that a typical golfer loses during a round.

But who wants to drink Tiger’s sweat? Ugh.

1 thought on “Gatorade Drops Tiger’s Drink”

  1. According to CNN last night, this was announced in an industry magazine two days before the wreck, so luck is with you for believing the Gatorade folks smile

    I can see why they would drop this drink. I don’t think Tiger ever did any commercials for it, did he?  I don’t remember seeing any.  I guess that’s a statement in itself as to why Gatorade would stop making the stuff.


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