GigaGolf Acer XP Hybrid

For the budget conscious, GigaGolf offers a wide selection of inexpensive, custom configured clubs.

The Acer XP Hybrid, for example, is priced between $23.50 and $48, depending upon the options that you choose. When you buy online at their site, you can choose the grip type and size, the shaft brand and flex, and the length. Various fitting guides help you make the right choices.

It sounds risky to buy a club online, sight unseen, but it’s apparently not. GigaGolf offers a 30-day playabiity guarantee. If, at the end of 30 days, you don’t like the club, you can return it for a 100% refund—no matter what the condition. Ther’s also a one year component and workmanship guarantee.

If top line clubs are beyond your reach—or if you are just an occasional player who doesn’t want to invest a lot of money, these may be the ticket.

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