GigaGolf Acer XP Hybrid Review

Acer XP Hybrid

Grade: A
Teacher’s Comments: For the price, it can’t be beat. It’s well built, and performs well in the field.

Like so many mid- and high-handicappers, I occasionally struggle with the long irons. So the relatively recent development of the hybrid has been a blessing. First I replaced my three iron with a TaylorMade Rescue Dual … then the four with the same club. I had such success with those that I also decided to get a five iron replacement.

This time, however, I decided to try out a club from GigaGolf. The company’s clubs are very inexpensive, and come with a 30 day Playability Guarantee. I figured I had nothing to lose by trying.

GigaGolf offers several hybrid models, each designed to offer looks and features similar to those of a major manufacturer. Because I wanted to try something different, I chose the Acer XP with 26 degrees of loft and a steel shaft.

The Acer XP Hybrid’s spiritual godfather is the Callaway Heavenwood. It has the same compact head and low profile. And it has the keel running along the sole. Both five iron replacements have 26 degrees of loft, and a 60 degree lie. The swingweights are different, though: the Acer has a swingweight of D-1 with the steel shaft, while the Callaway is a D-4.

Ordering online was a breeze, and the club arrived in a couple of days. GigaGolf kept me informed of my club’s progress through emails, sending confirmation that the order had been recieved, that the club was being built, and that it had been shipped.

I was impressed with the Acer XP Hybrid right out of the box. The fit and finish is very good. Constructed from 431 stainless steel, the head has a nice solid feel. It is smooth and is free from burrs, misalignments or any of the other things that mark an inferior component. The blue finish is smooth, and glossy.

Assembly also was first rate. The ferrule is flush with the hosel (a good sign … on quality clubs, they merge smoothly into one another). The grip is aligned properly.

It’s a pretty club.

In the field, the Acer XP Hybrid performs well. I tested it on a variety of lies—from fairway to deep rough—and got good results. Ball flight is high, and tails slightly to the right at the finish. Lots of carry, very little roll. It’s ideal for me off the tee shooting at par threes at 170 yards or so.

From the fairway, I get about the same distance as I did with the five iron, so for me the Acer XP Hybrid offers no performance gain. But what I do get is a little more reliability. I have yet to chunk it as I can occasionally do with the five iron.

The Acer XP Hybrid swings easily and has a nice feel at impact. (I’d love to tell you how it sounds, but being quite deaf, I have no idea.)

Overall, I think that the Acer XP Hybrid offers a lot of value. It’s a third of the price of a brand name hybrid. And you can’t even make one for less. The costs of similar components at GolfSmith will run close to $50. Factor in the value of your time as a clubmaker and it’s even more.

I’m looking forward to trying more of GigaGolf’s offerings.

Acer XP Hybrid

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