GigaGolf Axis Chiper

System Q Chipper

If you’re like most amateurs, you hit only about 30% of greens in regulation. That means to score well, you’ve got to be able to get up and down on a regular basis. That means chipping it close and then one putting for a par.

Unfortunately, most amateurs are also not proficient at the short game. How many times have you skulled a delicate wedge shot, or left a chip in the frog hair?

You might consider taking out that lob wedge—which you can’t hit with any consistency anyway—and replacing it with a dedicated chipping club.  I have one that ZI bring out of the shed whenever I go through one of those inevitable periods when my short game goes south.

The GigaGolf System Q Chipper takes your basic chipping club and adds an adjustable weight system that lets you fit the club to your own swing. You can modify the swing weight and work with any left or right tendency that you may have.

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