GigaGolf C510 Forged Cavity Back Golf Clubs

c510 Forged Cavity

Every serious golfer should own a set of forged irons. I have a set of Snake Eyes forged cavity backs that I built a couple of years ago. While I don’t play them every day (for that, I have the TaylorMade R7 XDs), at the height of the summer, when my swing is at it’s best, it is a real pleasure to take them to the course. THere is nothing like the sweet feel of a forged club when it’s struck just right.

Unfortunately, having a second set of clubs—especially one that you don’t play on a regular basis is a luxury. And because a set of name-brand forged irons will cost upwards of $1,000, it’s a luxury few can afford.

Enter GigaGolf. One of their latest offerings is the Pursuit 510 forged cavity back iron set. Like the offerings from the big boys, the GigaGolf’s Pursuit is a five-step carbon steel forging. The cavity back increases the moment of intertia to make them more playable, but for those who prefer a muscleback, there is the matching m510 Forged Muscle. Since GigaGolf lets you order clubs individually, you can get the long irons in the cavity back, and the shorter ones in the muscle.

The clubs have a traditional look from address, with a small amount of offset. Scorelines are individually milled to the deepest allowable by the USGA.

And like all of GigaGolf’s products, you are completely safe in ordering them. GigaGolf offers a 30 day playability guarantee.

m510 Forged Muscle

c510 Forged Cavity

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