GigaGolf GXI Hybrid Set

GXI Hybrid Set

If one hybrid is good, nine hybrids are better!

That’s the theory behind GigaGolf’s new GX Hybrid Set. The new hollow core design has been extended from the 2 iron all the way to the sand wedge. This allows more weight to be pushed to the sole and perimeter on every club, offering more stability and forgiveness through the power of Moment of Intertia. A thin face on these also is supposed to offer greater velocity and more distance. 

The design of these irons would particularly benefit players who strike their irons with a more sweeping, rather than downward motion, or those who may not necessarily have the strength to cut through turf: seniors, juniors, and high handicappers.

To my eye, these are somewhat reminiscent of the Cleveland XLI hybrid irons—but with a better price. You can get a set for as little as $150.


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