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GigaGolf’s Power Slot Irons use a cutout to create a trampoline effect on the clubface, increasing ball speed for higher, further flight.

Yes, this is borrowing a principle established by big name manufacturers. The difference is that—without paying for the brand name—you can get the technology in a set of these for $150.

The irons are manufactured from 17-4 stainless steel and come with free length and lie adjustments. In fact, GigaGolf says that they check every head to ensure that they are corrected for factory variance. That’s a step further than many companies will go.

As with everything from GigaGolf, these come with a 30 day Play Guarantee:

Build and buy your clubs online, play them for 30 days, if they do not meet your expectations you may return them and we will refund your credit card. This simple straight forward guarantee is intended to take 100% of the risk out of the buying decision. Not only does our 30 day play guarantee give you a chance to see the workmanship and quality we put into every club we build, it also lets you know what your new equipment can do for you on the course.

All clubs (custom and standard) are eligible for the GigaGolf 30 Day Play Guarantee regardless of shaft, grip or lie adjustments. GigaGolf wants you to be happy with your clubs and play better golf. Lie adjustment and shaft selection is a critical part of that equation.

My sense is that the beginner and occasional golfer would find a lot of value in these.

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