Gigagolf Powermax GX920

The Gigagolf Powermax GX920 packs a lot of golf technology in an inexpensive package. For as little as $121 (depending upon your configuration), you can take advantage of many of the features of the Callaway X series.

Gigagolf says that the thin face on its GX920 maximizes ball speeds even at slower speeds, while the wide sole positions weight at the bottom of the club, producing a high trajectory. The notched rear cavity is designed to move weight low and away from the impact area, providing a high moment of inertia (resistance to twisting), and thus straighter shots.

Like all Gigagolf products, you can customize the grips and grip size, shaft type, club length and lie to fit your swing. And Gigagolf offers a 30 day playability guarantee so there’s no risk for trying.

Power Max GX920

3 thoughts on “Gigagolf Powermax GX920”

  1. It sounds like you make your own clubs.  Were you able to discern who’s clubhead Gigagolf uses on the GX920 model?  It appears most of their clubs are based on Hireko’s heads, but I couldn’t find this one in any catalogs (Hireko, Golfsmith, ec.) and wanted to assess the quality of the head before ordering.

  2. I DO make my own clubs. Lots of fun and (just barely) profitable.

    I asked GigaGolf about the clubhead and what they told me is that the GX920 line is an original to GigaGolf—not available from other clubmaking firms. The line is manufactured in one of the major Chinese foundries.

    GigaGolf seems pretty confident abot the quality of the head becuase they offer that playability guarantee. They wouldn’t stay in business for long if people were ordering clubs and then sending them back for quality problems.

    As for hybrids, I’ve got the Acer and like it. It’s a nice, solid feeling club. I’ve got a review of the club here:

    Hope this helps.


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