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PowerMax Slot

For the beginner or the really budget minded, GigaGolf offers the PowerMax Slot, a set of irons for just $119. You can get them in graphite shafts for $160. I have not played these, but all of the GigaGolf stuff I hvae tested over the years has been good. They’ve got a 30 day playabilty guarantee, too.

From the advertising materials:

The Power Slot technology applied to irons creates a trampoline effect that generates more ball speed with less effort. Applied to the TRX fairway woods and hybrids the added distance has been dramatic. Thin shots (impact in the area below the sweet spot) carry farther and fly higher. Most amateur golfer miss their iron shots low so it makes sense to have this little feature on the sole helping you out. Here is a great way to try one of golf equipment’s hottest trends in an affordable package. And the benefits don’t stop there.

Build them right the first time with the eFit system. You’re not made the same as everyone else, so why get clubs off the rack that are made for someone else? An inch of height or a half inch difference in wrist to floor can mean the difference between irons you love and clubs you fight. Our eFit system won’t cost you a dime, lie adjustments included (club lie is the angle between the shaft and the sole. It is critical for iron accuracy).

Did you know that iron heads shipped from foundries have a lie variance of plus or minus one degree? Using our swing robot, we learned that a club lie that is off by three degrees will cost you 5.7 yards in distance and will fly 25 feet offline with a nine iron. With longer clubs the error is magnified. Some large well known equipment brands do not correct the lie from the foundries on their standard off the shelf equipment. But every tour player has their lies exact. At GigaGolf, we do not charge for lie adjustments because we have to check and adjust the lie anyway to correct the factory variance. This is one of the things that makes us different.

Another difference is the quality of the components we use to make our equipment. It has been said many times, “the shaft is the engine of the golf club”. We know this to be true, and want our clubs to have the best engine possible. This year, the best shaft for most players is the True Temper Feather Flight steel shaft. For many others that can benefit from a lighter graphite shaft, the HDX 80 by United Sports Technology is the best choice.


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