GigaGolf TRX Ti Driver Review

TRX Ti Driver

Grade: A
Teacher’s Comments: As long as any name brand driver I’ve played, at a fraction of the cost.

It’s a general truism in life that you get what you pay for. Sometimes, however, you catch a break and end up with a whole lot more.

The GigaGolf TRX Ti driver is one of those exceptions. Although in the base configuration it costs just over $100, it plays as well as any name brand driver I’ve ever owned. It’s every bit as long and straight as my TaylorMade R7, Mizuno MX-500, and Tour Edge Bazooka GeoMax.

The TRX Ti is a 460cc titanium construction driver with a movable weight system. The weights are set in a triangular configuration on the base of the driver head. Unlike other manufacturers’ weights, the TRX Ti weights can be removed and tightened with a standard Allen wrench. That saves the cost of an expensive, one-trick tool. But since it does create the need to be careful when you tighten the screws; the TaylorMade R7 wrench, in contrast, has a ratcheting device that prevents over-tightening.

At address, I think that the black driver has a powerful, aggressive look. It looks huge from above—giving you the feeling that you just can’t possibly miss the sweet spot. The top view is traditional—pear shaped, tending toward the triangular. It will appeal to players who like the classic look. The bottom is shiny and angular, with scoops for the weights.

One minus: there aren’t any alignment marks to help you out.

With my stance, the TRX TI sets up fairly square and low. I found that I had to tee the ball a bit lower than I do my TaylorMade R7. I love the way the ball feels coming off the clubface.

I’m told that the club is loud, but long-time GolfBlogger readers know that I can’t hear squat, so I have no real comment on that.

My model has 12.5 degrees of loft, and it predictably hits the ball fairly high. But that’s ok. In the wet Michigan springs, you don’t get a lot of roll on the fairway anyway.

I like this club very much, and it has found its way into my “Up North” set of clubs (I keep a set at the cottage “Up North” so I don’t have to pack the whole kit back and forth on quick weekends away.


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