GigaGolf TRX Trac 460 Ti Driver

GigaGolf TRX Trac 460 Ti Drivericon

Lets get one thing straight at the outset. In spite of the uncanny resemblance of their clubs to major manufacturers’ products, GigaGolf is not a counterfeiter, nor even really a clone manufacturer. There is no attempt to deceive people into believing that they are buying a Brand A Driver when they buy the TRX Trac 460 Ti. What GigaGolf is instead is a “smart follower” (that’s an actual term) making clubs with original designs based on principles pioneered by the big names.

The TRX Trac 460 Ti looks a lot like the fourth driver a certain big name company has released in the last six months. Like the “real thing”, GigaGolf says that the TRX Trac 460 Ti is designed with the weight forward to reduce spin. Combined with a higher loft, this is supposed to produce more distance. Adjustability on this driver is limited to the sliding weight which changes the draw-fade bias.

The club also features a forged titanium cup face, with variable thickness.

I’ve liked the GigaGolf clubs I’ve tried over the years. They all have been well constructed and played up to expectations.

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