Gigagolf Turbo Power XQ 460 Ti

Gigagolf’s Turbo Power XQ 460 Ti offers many of the features of the Nike Sasquatch driver at a third of the price.

With a 460cc footprint, the XQ460 Ti is huge, and nearly as deep as it is wide (USGA specifications actually require that it be wider than it is deep).  The result is a club with a very low center of gravity and a high moment of intertia that gets the ball up quickly and keeps it on line.

The best part of the club, though, is the price. Even with a UST Proforce 75 shaft, the cost is just over $100.

Repeat after me: Golf does NOT have to be expensive.

With the Gigagolf online fitting, you can customize the grips and grip size, shaft type, club length and lie to fit your swing. And Gigagolf offers a 30 day playability guarantee so there’s no risk for trying.

Turbo Power XQ 460 Ti

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