GigaGolf XP Fused Fairway Wood

Acer XP Fused

The Philosopher’s Stone of the alchemists of golf club design lies in the movement of weight down and away from the center. This both stabilizes the head through increasing the moment of inertia and increases the launch angle, helping the player to get the ball up for maximum distance.

One way that designers acheive this in metal woods is by reducing the weight of the shell. As this weight is reduced, discretionary weight is made available to place in more strategic locations—low and away from the center.

That’s the theory behind carbon composite heads like the Callaway models and the GigaGolf XP Fused line. By using a carbon composite head, the designers are able to move a greater proportion of the weight to the sole of the club. This makes it more forgiving—which is exactly what amateur golfers need.

The Gigagolf XP Fused Fairways are constructed from 17-4 stainless steel and carbon composite. If you’re a bargain shopper, at around $40 these just might be the right one s for you—especially because GigaGolf offers a 30 day playability guarantee.



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