Ginns Open Renames Trophy For Kelly Jo Dowd

Two years ago, The Ginns Open made news by granting a dying woman’s final wish: to see her daughter play on the LPGA Tour.

Hearing the story, Bobby Ginn extended an invitation to Dakoda Dowd, in spite of her being just thirteen years old. She didn’t disappoint; in the face of overwhelming pressure from television and the knowledge that she was playing for her dying mother, Dakoda shot a 74 and 82, just missing the cut. She and her mother were given a replica of the trophy as a keepsake of the event.

Kelly Jo Dowd died a year later at the age of 42.

Now, the people at Ginns have renamed the real trophy the Kelly Jo Dowd championship trophy. It’s a pretty moving tribute that is designed to bring attention to the need for self-examination, and to raise money for the breast cancer cause.

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1 thought on “Ginns Open Renames Trophy For Kelly Jo Dowd”

  1. It’s really nice to hear about a corporation doing something good for people, and not necessarily their pocketbook, for a change of pace.  It actually makes me more inclined to patronize a business.

    I know that if I won a billion dollars, the first thing I would do would be to buy the naming rights to Comerica Park in Detroit and rename it Ernie Harwell Park.


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