Glacial Pace of Play

I just finished playing one of the longest rounds of golf I’ve ever played at my club. You know you’re going to be in for a long day when the guy they pair you with has Titleist forged blades, a TaylorMade R500 driver (with sky marks on the top of the club) and a Scotty Cameron Putter in his bag, and three dozen ProV1x balls in his cart’s basket.

I think he used every one.

Keeping up the pace of play is one of the basic rules of etiquette on the golf course. The USGA asks players to: 1) keep up with the group in front 2) be ready to play as soon as it is your turn to play.3) play a provisional if you believe you may not be able to find your ball.

This guy could have played a provisional on every second shot.

Here some more from the USGA.

3 thoughts on “Glacial Pace of Play”

  1. Oh, I agree with this. The pace of play just drives me crazy. I played yesterday and luckily there wasn’t anybody in front of us. There were only two of us, and we were walking and we got 18 holes done in just over three hours. We did have to let a single-rider through on the 4th hole, but he was long-gone very quickly. This issue, more than the money issue (green fees are too high) is what keeps me off a lot of courses. I played Tour 18 two weeks ago. Great course, I really enjoyed playing the different holes, but holy crap – it took us almost 6 hours to play! My friend has a coupon good through the end of June that we can play Tour 18 and ride for $16, but I’d rather pay $13 and walk at a muni than do that again.

  2. This artcle and the comment mention “my club” and a golf facility known as “tour 18”.  Both writers complain about the pace of play.  The author of this blog suggests that some USGA rules of pace are being violated here. 

    I agree, they are, but who was there, at that moment, to enforce these rules.  How can we prevent these “all day” rounds of golf.

    I won’t bore you with the long winded answer, you can find that on my website, 

    I will give you the results of ten years of study by the International Pace of Play Committee without you even having to go to the website.


    David Joseph
    [email protected]
    The International Pace of Play Committee

  3. It’s about time people are starting to talk about pace of play, but what we need is 1 set of rules.

    For example in the article Glacial Pace of Play to play a provisional is so far off the chart I don’t know where to start. How about stop with the $5.00 golf ball and take a drop.

    I don’t know about the rest of you but I have other things to get done during the day.


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