Glad January Is Over


January 2009 finally is over and I’m glad to see it go. I checked some of my old records and as far as I can tell, it’s the first January in about ten years where I haven’t managed to squeeze in a round of golf. Thanks to the ever-changing Michigan weather, there always has been a snow-free day or two with temperatures in the 40s—and that’s good enough for me to get to Fox Hills, whose “Classic” course is open year ‘round.

Not so this year. The weather since December has been absolutely brutal—bone numbing cold and near-constant snow. I can’t remember when it was piled as high as it is on the sides of my driveway.

The first day of February was more promising. On Sunday, temperatures reached 43 degrees, and I went out for a while in just my shirt sleeves. With the sun out, it actually felt quite nice. Later in the day, I took my Subaru for a drive , turned down an unploughed country road (I take a perverse pleasure in driving that thing through untrackable wastes) and snapped this photo of the sunset over a snowy field.

(For those photobugs who care about such things, I used my Canon Rebel XSi, with a 18-55mm lens. (1/250 Av:10 ISO: 200). I thought I was shooting at a 100 iso, but the Exif tells me otherwise.)

Pretty. But I’m ready to see some green.

4 thoughts on “Glad January Is Over”

  1. It’s been pretty cold in the east as well.  I played in a super bowl golf tourn. and, unbelievably, the temp got over 60 degrees.  A couple of holes were closed because the ice had not completely melted from the greens, but good golf on Feb 1 is a rare blessing indeed.  More proof that the man upstairs probably took sunday off to golf.

  2. Bummer about not being able to play in January.  This is actually my first year of playing golf, so I’ve never worried about the snow in January before!  The closest we get in northern Utah are heated bays at driving ranges, although I’ve been told you could play during drier years.  I just went out to the driving range yesterday to swing a club for the first time since December.  It wasn’t pretty, but it felt good to be out whacking the little white ball.

    Hope you get a round in soon!

  3. The skiing is definitely good here.  I get to look out my office window at the Olympic Ski Jump and the Canyons Ski area beyond that.  And I don’t know about skiing and golf being incompatible.  At our last big client meeting in early April ‘08, we gave attendees the choice to either go skiing or to golf.  Both were pretty good. smile

    And tell Mrs. Golfblogger thanks for her service.


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