Glenlivet City Links

Glenlivet has a “links style” miniature golf course that they’re carting around to four different cities this winter. It’s going to make stops in New York, Boston, Chicago, Dallas and San Francisco.

The Glenlivet is thrilled to bring the two most cherished exports of Scottish heritage – Scotch whisky and golf – to the heart of five U.S. cities this year. The Glenlivet City Links is a 9-hole, urban-scaled golf course that will be touring the country from September 2005 to February 2006. A remarkably accurate rendering of how courses in golf’s birthplace of Scotland look,  City Links promises to be a relaxing golf oasis in the country’s busiest urban centers.

Besides hosting a once-in-a- lifetime golfing experience, each city will have its own series of special events and cocktail parties for VIPs, press, and Society members. Don’t miss The Glenlivet City Links in your part of the country

I REALLY want to see this, but it’s not making a stop in Detroit.

But it IS in Chicago … and that’s only five hours away …

Mrs. Golfblogger will never go for it.

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2 thoughts on “Glenlivet City Links”

  1. I am from Detroit, but was traveling in Chicago and happened to come across this and it was VERY cool.

    Real sand, waterfalls, bridges, and free 18 year Glenlivet.  Doesnt get much better than this!

    And I did ask about when it was coming to Detroit, but nothing was in the plans.


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