Glenmuir Jackson Performance Shirt Review

imageGlenmuir Jackson Performance Zip Neck Shirt

Grade: A+

Teacher’s Comments: Not your run-of-the-mill polo

It is likely that my European readers already can sing the praises of the Glenmuir 1891 line of golf apparel. I have, however, never encountered them in the US. That’s too bad, because based on the Glenmuir Jackson Thermocool shirt I received, this is a great looking, great wearing line.

The first thing I noticed about the shirt is the wonderfully soft feel of the fabric. It’s a joy to wear on the course.  On a hot day, the fabric was cool and dry, just as advertised (I think there are few things worse than slogging around the course in a soggy shirt—unless its slogging about in damp shorts.).

The literature on the shirt says it’s:

Made from 100% polyester, incorporates climate sensitive Thermocool™ comfort zone technology, with its moisture wicking, body cooling and thermo-buffering functions, preventing post-exercise chill, but allowing excess heat to dissipate in.

I totally agree with the wicking and cooling part. There was, however, no way to test the “prevent post-exercise chill.” It was too hot for chilling of any kind. Perhaps I’ll notice it on a walking round this fall.

The fit of the shirt was as expected, but the cut is a little more closer than the generally loose shirts I wear. Not tight by any means; just a little more trim. Slimming, even.

Playability matches comfort. In spite of the slightly slimmer cut, there there is absolutely no restriction in the golf swing. That’s got to be the effect of the “movement-enhancing panels.”

In terms of the cut, I’d say the Glenmuir Jackson looks a lot more like the clothes I see on top European players than on players on American golf courses. That’s to be expected, given the origins. Even so, Glenmuir categorizes this as a “athletic” fit somewhere between Classic and European. So its actually not as trim as you might think.


Another design departure from run-of-the-mill shirts is a zipper in place of buttons on the placket. That initially caused me somewhat of a pause. Somewhere in my mind, I had the idea that zippers and velcro are for kids who have not yet mastered buttons. However, Mrs. GolfBlogger, my fashion consultant, assures me that I look quite fashionable with the zipper.

Finally, there’s the color. It is a very nice Iris, with black piping along the sleeves and body. Those actually add to the slimming look. It also comes in a coral color they call Starfish with white piping; Cobalt/White; White/Navy and Black/White.

Glenmuir apparel is worn by the European Ryder Cup team and top professionals like Paul Lawrie. In addition to the shirts, Glenmuir also have some nice looking jackets, trousers, sweaters, hats and socks. II’m quite interested in a pair of lined, water resistant trousers on the website. Seems like it would be the perfect thing for late fall and early spring Michigan golf.

The Glenmuir lines also include Sunderland of Scotland, which has some great looking rainwear. I’m sure it also performs well. You’ll recall the small scandal a couple of years aogo at the Ryder Cup, when rain sogged American players had to go make emergency rainwear purchases, while the Euros were high and dry in their Sunderlands.

I could spend a small fortune outfitting myself at the Glenmuir site. So much of their stuff seems like it would wear well in Michigan. I suspect that Michigan and Scotland have similar climes much of the year.

In the final analysis, the Glenmuir Jackson stays in my closet. The big decision now is which baggy “classic” shirt goes to the Salvation Army to make room for the new, slimmer, more stylish me.


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