Global Warming Pushes Phoenix Open Back Four Hours

Feeling the effects of the Blizzard of 2011, the start time for the Phoenix Open has been pushed back four hours. It’s just too cold for the greens (and perhaps the players). At 7 this morning, the temperature on the course was just 29 degrees.

That’s too cold to play even in Michigan. I’ll play in 40 degree weather, but once it drops below freezing …

The Pro-Am was cancelled yesterday because of the cold.

Normal temperatures this time of year in Phoenix are in the 70s.

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1 thought on “Global Warming Pushes Phoenix Open Back Four Hours”

  1. The forecast for Friday was 35, and I was on the fence about playing the Friday round – I did do 30 degrees a couple weeks back, I wasn’t crazy about another one.  Alas, the decision has been made, snow starts at 5am – probably closing the course through Sunday. 

    I did play Monday @ 58 degrees in short sleeves, and it was nice.  an inconsistent 90 (49 on front, 41 on back)—but still nice.


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