Glut of Golf Courses In Michigan

The Detroit News is reporting that there is a glut of golf courses in Michigan and as many as 15 in the Detroit Metro area are scheduled for closing—or have already closed.

It is, apparently, a simple matter of supply and demand. With Michigan’s economy in the dumps, the state just cannot sustain its 852 courses.

The problems offer short term benefits for players, as courses compete by offering discount rates and other enticements, but in the long run, the game suffers.

Still, I don’t think that the slide is permanent. Like most things in Michigan, the golf economy goes up and down with the auto industry. Right now, the Big Three are slumping, but they are working hard on turning things around.

And there’s also the Baby Boomers to think about. They are retiring even as I write, and will be looking for ways to spend their retirement leisure hours.

The Golf Association of Michigan and the Michigan PGA section are doing a good job of promoting the game among kids.

And Tiger Woods is back on his game. Expect interest in golf to rise as he makes another run at a Grand Slam.

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