Golf Betting In Massachusetts

It’s time for Massachusetts betting fans to get excited: You’re getting closer to being able to bet sports.

And while the starting date is still unknown, a revised sports betting bill is working its way through the legal channels and those in-the-know expect betting action will become a reality in 2022.

And that sports betting will include our favorite, the PGA Tour.

If you’re a golf fan (and why wouldn’t you be if you’re reading this story), you know betting on golf is no easy task.

In fact, there may be no tougher sport to handicap than golf. It’s not just one team playing against another. It’s not just one day of an event. It’s trying to pick a winning player out of a field of usually 144 golfers over four days of an event.

Let’s face it: Picking a winner is akin to the proverbial needle in a haystack comparison.

Are there steps we can take to narrow down the odds? Yep. And we’re going to give you a few tips here to help you narrow down your choices when the betting floodgates open…hopefully sometime this year.

Zeroing In On The Favorites

The oddsmakers who put up the numbers know their business. It’s that simple. If Golfer ‘A’ is +300 while Golfer ‘B’ is +5000 there’s a method to the madness of why those numbers exist. They aren’t random.

Golfer ‘A’ probably has a number of victories under his belt. He may also be coming into the event and/or had success in the event in the past.

Golfer ‘B’ may be early into his PGA Tour career or is simply struggling in recent events. He may also have poor outcomes (missed cuts or no top 20s) in this certain event.

Putting those items together, it’s easy to see why bettors may want to focus on Golfer ‘A’ and look past Golfer ‘B’.

Ah, If Only It Was That Easy

Now while that may be a good starting point, all of these odds are just good starting points. And the numbers will vary depending on which sports betting apps appeal to bettors. 

Like shopping for a car, bettors need to shop around. Check out various sportsbook apps and find one that fits your needs. The variety of prop bets offered or the freebies the site offers will play into bettors’ decisions. In addition to the apps, bettors will need to consider the number of Massachusetts sportsbook bonuses being offered. 

And the final note on picking a site is this: Know your limits. It’s easy to go a little overboard when it comes to betting…especially with the ease of just having to pick up your phone and make that bet.

Keep Tabs On Hot Golfers

Now we get into the nuts and bolts of trying to pick a winner.

It may seem like a no-brainer but a hot golfer coming into an event has to be on your radar. Whether you like the golfer or not can be irrelevant. If your favorite golfer can’t break 70 right now, there’s no sense in putting down good money on him to win.

We like to start at the bottom of the list with the longest odds and work our way up. If you’ve gone up 30 or 40 spots and haven’t seen a player to your liking, that’s not a problem. That’s why they are longshots. 

Once you start getting into players you think may have a shot, make a list and start doing your homework. How have these players done in recent weeks? Have they fared well in this tournament in the past?

If they have struggled to simply make the cut in recent weeks or in this event’s recent past events, stay away. And that includes your favorite golfer or golfers. Remember, we’re betting with our heads, not our hearts.

Other Options: Check Out Prop Bets

If you’re hesitant to try picking winners in these 144-man fields, that’s no problem.

Most betting sites offer prop bets to give bettors other options to stay invested in the tournament.

With the prop bets, bettors can pick players to finish in the top-five (or top 10 or even the top 20) of the tournament as well as picking head-to-head matchups.

There’s more.

The sports betting apps have more prop options and there are usually plenty of choices. A lot of the events will feature bets such as ‘Will there be a hole-in-one?’ or ‘Will there be a playoff?’ or any number of others. One thing to remember is the more high-profile the tournament (such as the four majors), the more betting options will be offered.

Like We Said Earlier: Be Patient

We’re just trying to cover some of the aspects of the golf portion of the sports betting world. There are many, many more sports on the multitude of sports apps that will pique bettors’ interest.

We know many of you Massachusetts bettors-in-waiting are anxious to get in on the action and we’re here to help you get the best information available as you gear up to join the sports betting world in the near future.

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