Golf Bikes At Palmetto Dunes

Golf Bikes At Palmetto Dunes
Golf Bikes At Palmetto Dunes

Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort on Hilton Head now offers specialized bicycles for golfers who want the speed of a cart while enjoying the benefit of some exercise.

“We are always looking for fun new products to enhance our golf experience and The Golf Bike really caught our attention,” said Director of Golf Clark Sinclair.  “These specially prepared golf bikes should heighten the fitness experience of a round at Palmetto Dunes.”

The Golf Bike, available at all three courses, will cost the same amount as a golf cart. Golfers interested in using a Golf Bike during their rounds at Palmetto Dunes can reserve one when making their tee time reservation.

Built from the ground up to play golf, The Golf Bike’s step-thru frame allows golfers to easily get on and off the bike. The bike holds up to 14 clubs and supplies are integrated into the frame of the bike, making it stable and easy to balance. The bike’s wide tires and small diameter wheels make for easy acceleration with less impact to the course than a motorized cart.

The bike is a neat idea, but in terms of speed, I’ve found that I can play faster walking than I can riding in a cart. I hope it catches on, though. I imagine that playing on a bike would speed thing sup quite a bit.

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