Golf In December 2016

Golf In December
Huron Hills, Ann Arbor, December 29, 2016

A heavy snowstorm on December 10 – 11 had me worried that I would be unable to get out to play this month, and that my “every month in 2016” playing streak would end. Fortunately, the weather warmed the week after Christmas, and I was able to squeeze in a round at Huron Hills in Ann Arbor on December 29. Thus, the streak remains intact. I now have played in Michigan every month in 2016.

With the sun out, it did not feel nearly as chilly as the mercury indicated. My Mobile Warming vest and a sweatshirt were all I needed for the core. A Tilley wool hat and a pair of lined pants covered the legs. I was also sporting a pair of Oregon Mudders golf boots, which I like very much.

On my push cart, I have a pair of Ultimittens attached, and inside those, I kept a pair of Zippo hand warmers. The hand warmers will run for eight or so hours on a full tank. I actually play without gloves, but since my hands are outside the Ultimittens for only a brief moment while I take a shot, they never get cold.

My Oregon Mudders, and a Volvik Vivid ball on a December round.

As you might expect, with the thaw and a foot of melting snow, the course was quite muddy. Cold, wind and mud made play quite a test.

So what did I score?

Does it matter? I was playing golf in Michigan in December.

Snow near a bunker at Huron Hills, Ann Arbor, Michigan
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