Golf Erasers Review

Golf Erasers Review
Golf Erasers Reviewed

Golf Erasers Review

Golf Erasers
Grade: B
Teacher’s Comments: Work as advertised, but I’m not sure if anyone needs them.

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The Golf Eraser is an interesting product. Shaped like a puck, it has a scouring pad surface on one side, and a Mr. Clean-style magic eraser on the other. Magic Erasers are a melamine foam that functions as a fine sandpaper.

At the top of the Golf Eraser is a pass through slot, which allows it to be hung on a golf bag by a rubber bag tag.

Golf Erasers Review
Golf Erasers on their bag tag tether.

Using the Golf Eraser is exactly what you would expect. The scouring pad side effectively cleans tough grass and dirt off club faces. I find that the white eraser side works well on balls and for lighter buildup on club faces.

It has to be wet, though. The white side just disintegrates unless it’s wet.

Golf Erasers also are useful wiping down shoes. In fact, shoe cleaning is the product’s origin. The creators wanted a product that could conveniently keep the soles of their shoes white.

For golfers, though the question is: do you need it? There already are any number of products — from brushes to towels — to keep your clubs clean. On that front, I’d suggest that most golfers already have a system that works for them.

I am more sold on the idea of the Golf Erasers as a shoe cleaning tool. I don’t clean the surfaces of my shoes often enough, and have found that these quite effectively dispense with grit and grime.

For my part, I’m going to keep Golf Erasers in my car for exactly this purpose. They make short work of cleaning shoes. It has been pretty easy to get into the habit of wiping down by shoes with a Golf Eraser for a couple of minutes after a round.

You can pick up a pack of Golf Erasers on Amazon.

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