Golf Is Everywhere: Austin, Texas Edition

Texas National Outfitters, on South Congress in Austin, Texas, had this golf ball on their shelves. It’s a great store, with a very friendly proprietor. The shop focuses on their own hand-made boots, and products by local artisans.

The logo on the ball is a reproduction of a flag flown at the Battle of Gonzales. Fought October 2, 1835, the Battle of Gonzales was the opening salvo of the Texas War of Independence.

The incident began over a cannon that Mexican authorities had given to the town of Gonzales for protection against indian raids. In 1835, as unrest among the American colonists in Texas grew and the Mexican political situation became more uncertain and divided, the area’s Mexican commander demanded the return of the cannon.

After the initial request was refused, a troop of dragoons were sent to retrieve the cannon. They arrived on Sept. 29, 1835, but met with a series of delays and excuses from the colonists. Fighting broke out on October 2, with the Texas colonists flying a flag challenging the Mexican army to “Come And Take It,” with the “it” being the cannon.

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