Golf Is Everywhere: The New Yorker Edition

Next week’s New Yorker cover features Donald Trump playing golf on the White House lawn.

Notably, he’s breaking windows.

Yes, that’s a metaphor of the author view of the current state of American politics. The author has some thoughts about the First Duffer at the link above.

But this blog is not about politics, so I will quickly pivot to golf history.

If Trump actually were to hit balls around the White House, he would not be the first. President Eisenhower had a putting green installed on the White House lawn, and in this photo, seems to be hitting full shots:

There are a photos of Obama, Clinton, H.W. Bush and Ford playing on the White House lawn in the article at the link. Ford also seems to be taking a full shot. Given Ford’s predilection for hitting spectators, I hope he’s playing away from the White House.

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