Golf Fitness Exercises For The Over 50 Set

The brief video below shows six simple — and not terribly complicated golf fitness exercise routines to help stability, and improve strength.

The six are

  • Bird Dog for creating stability and balance
  • Prone Swimmer for increasing range of motion in the shoulders
  • Planks for creating trunk, shoulder and and lat stability.
  • Side Planks for all the reasons mentioned above.
  • Split Squat for lower body strength and improve balance as well as leg and hip motion and posture.
  • 1 Leg Hinge or 1 Leg Deadlift (sans weights) for balance, stretching hamstrings and glutes and improvement of hinging in the golf stance.
  • Half Kneel Rotation to help stabilize the lower body in conjunction with trunk rotation.

Of course, you’re also going to be building strength in all of these in a way that benefits

What’s best about these in my mind is that all can be done on a living room floor without equipment. I think I could easily do these in twenty minutes on my non-weights days.

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