Golf Flexibility – T-Spine and Trunk Rotation #FitnessFriday

Golf Flexibility – T-Spine and Trunk Rotation #FitnessFriday

This video has some really good tips for working on your T-Spine and Trunk Rotation. A recent analysis of my swing by GolfTec (more on that later) revealed that I am coming out of position on the backswing by standing up a bit. That leads to a whole rack of swing faults and corrections as I struggle (mostly successfully) to get the club back into position at impact. I thankfully  have really good hand-eye coordination.

Thus, one thing I’m going to work on on this golf offseason is golf flexibility in my trunk rotation. I believe that with more flexibility, I’ll be able to turn more smoothly and easily, eliminating the necessity of “standing up” on the backswing to get the club around.


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