Golf In A Plague Year March 24: Lockdown

Golf In A Plague Year March 24: Lockdown

Golf In A Plague Year: Lockdown

And just like that: Michigan went into lockdown. Golf is off the table until at least April 13.

There was a moment when I thought: Ok. I can work with this. Indiana is not that far away. I know of a couple of Indiana courses I can get to in around two hours drive. That fantasy lasted only a few minutes, however, for Indiana’s governor announced a lockdown that lasts until April 7. Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky and Wisconsin all are also on lockdown. At this point, I’m out of midwestern options.

That doesn’t mean GolfBlogger grinds to a halt, though. This is just an extended winter as far as I’m concerned. I’ve got lots of reviews and other things to catch up on these next few weeks.

There is some good news coming from the golf world:

Seamus Golf, manufacturers of high end golf accessories, has shut down their golf business to make masks for medical providers. I have seen their gear in pro shops, and have no doubt that their masks will be the highest quality anyone can make.

Meanwhile junior golfers are raising money for COVID-19 relief. The American Junior Golf Association reports that at least 46 of their members are working on projects to support COVID-19 efforts through AJGA’s Leadership Links Program. 

You can read the story of two of those golfers on the AJGA’s website.

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