Golf Is Everywhere: Station Eleven Edition

Golf Is Everywhere: Station Eleven Edition

I just discovered Station Eleven on HBO. It’s a depressingly way-too-soon miniseries about a world in which a flu has 99% of the population.

It is good though. And of particular interest to this viewer is that it is set in Michigan. There are references to Traverse City and Mackinaw, and the Severin Airport has a Halo Burger, which is a burger chain out of the Flint area.

Severin isn’t a place in Michigan, but it could be any one of several towns with regional airports, such as Battle Creek, Lansing, Flint, Kalamazoo and Battle Creek. I was a little annoyed that scenes supposedly set near Petoskey aren’t hilly enough to be Petoskey. And if the characters are living in the wilderness in Northern Michigan without ample supplies of bug spray, they would be covered in mosquito bites.

There is, however, golf. Much of episode four (I’m only up to episode five) is set in a Northern Michigan golf resort. There are a couple of scenes inside the pro shop.

And in one hilarious scene, one of the Shakespearean Actors that form a central part of the story wears a costume made of golf gloves.

In the still below, you can see the remnants of a green in the background along with a golf cart.

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