Golf Kickstarters Feb 12, 2022

Golf Kickstarters Feb 12, 2022

There are a couple of interesting golf related items on Kickstarter right now: The Golf Boar, PhiHome 2 Golf Simulators and BBall.

I have no association with any of these, so use your own discretion. As Kickstarter warns, it’s not a store — it’s more like a stock market. You invest in a product, hoping that, in the end, it produces the desired dividend — in this case, a product that you can use.

Golf Boar

The Pitch: The Golf Boar is a modern take on the old ball-on-a-string-attached-to-a-stake practice device.

Why I’m Interested: I like the idea of being able to take full swings in my backyard.

Why I’m holding back: I fear it would be just another golf gadget in my garage gathering dust.


PhiHome 2 Golf Simulator

The Pitch: Its a home golf simulator for iPhone and Android devices

Why I’m Interested: Winter. We have long winters in Michigan and I’d love to be able to keep my swing grooved

Why I’m holding back: It seems more like an arcade game than a golf simulator


BBALL Smart Golf Ball

The Pitch: The ball has an embedded chip that lets you find it with your smartphone

Why I’m Interested: I could save more than a few penalties for a lost ball.

Why I’m holding back: While the chip likely works well, I have no idea what the company knows about designing and manufacturing golf balls. I’d feel better if Titleist or Bridgestone were offering this.


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