Golf Kickstarters January 8, 2017

There’s nothing new in the Kickstarter pipeline this second week of January. However, a few from December that still are running:

Golf Kickstarters – December 18, 2017

New up on Kickstarter this week for golfers are two teaching gadgets and custom golf club shaft wraps.


Jolly Golf: Tutor To Improve Your Short Game

The Pitch: Jolly Golf is an aluminum device that attaches to your clubs for short game practice sessions. The device is designed to block incorrect wrist movements, encourage proper rotation of the shoulder and develop proper rhythm in the swing. The producers also suggest that for beginners, it can get them into the game more quickly.

Why I Might Be Interested: It looks like something I could tuck into my bag and practice with while waiting on slow days at the course.

PuttMate Gravity Powered Putt Ramp

The Pitch: Designed to help with putting practice, the PuttMate is a ramp with a hole in the front and a collection box in the rear. Missed putts are automatically returned. Putts made are collected in the box.

Why I Might Be Interested: Winters are long here in Michigan, and putting is something nearly everyone can do to stay in touch with the game.


 Raptor Shafts

The Pitch: Raptor Shafts are colorful plastic wraps that will give your clubs a new look. The plastic covers adhere with 3M Control Tac adhesive, so they are easy to put on, and leave no residue when removed.

Why I Might Be Interested: Adding a little color to your life never hurt.


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