Golf On Christmas Eve In Michigan

dec 24 2015-241001

I honestly can’t remember if I’ve ever played golf on Christmas Eve in Michigan. Thus, the opportunity today was too good to pass up. Temperatures were in the mid 40s, and the wind was gusting, but the sun was out. I was perfectly comfortable in a long sleeve shirt and my Mobile Warming Battery Powered Vest.

My home course, Green Oaks, wasn’t open so I went to nearby Fox Hills, which seems to be open any day that the ground is mostly free of snow. It had rained heavily on Wednesday and overnight, so the ground was very soft. In some places, there were spontaneous lakes.

Given ground conditions, the cold and the wind, all I tried to do was make good contact. Keeping score was not a consideration. Still, I was pleased that I made four pars in the round. I also made a few double bogeys.

But who cares? I was playing golf on Christmas Eve in Michigan.

A couple more photos follow:

dec 24 2015-241003

dec 24 2015-241005

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