Golf Pride MCC Teams Grips Review

Golf Pride MCC Teams Grips Review

Golf Pride MCC Teams Grips Review

Golf Pride MCC Teams Grips
Grade: A
Teacher’s Comments: The dual texture offers the best of both worlds

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Earlier this season, Golf Pride sent a set of their MCC Teams Hybrid grips for testing. The “Teams” is a reference to the grip’s variety of color combinations, which approximate many of your favorite college and professional franchises.

In my case, I asked for a set in blue and yellow, which are coincidentally the colors of both my alma maters: West Virginia University and The University of Michigan.

The MCC Teams grips are constructed of two distinct materials. At the top is a brushed cord that feels a bit rough. The bottom is a softer, smoother rubber.

I installed the grips on a set of Wilson D7 Irons I have been testing and find I really like them (and, incidentally, the clubs as well).

The top portion of the grip has just enough texture to ensure that they don’t slip. It is not, however, rough enough to cause discomfort in my gloveless hands (I only wear gloves when it’s raining — and often not even then). I have tried a couple of corded grip brands before that felt like #40 grit sandpaper. The cord on the Golf Pride MCC grips are much easier on the hands.

The bottom of the MCC Teams grip is composed of a softer rubber that provides plenty of feel.

My usual grips are mid-sized Winn Dri-Tacs, which I find alleviate discomfort in my arthritic hands. The midsized Golf Pride MCC Teams grips are also pretty comfortable. Part of that, I think, is that the cord at the top lets me grip more lightly. The softer bottom seems to absorb some of the shock of impact.

The Golf Pride Teams grips will stay on my clubs. If you’re in the market for a new set of grips, these should be under consideration.

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