Golf Simulators: Cure For The Cold Weather Blahs

Golf Simulators At Washtenaw Golf Club

Golf Simulators: Cure For The Cold Weather Blahs

Temperatures are well below freezing in Southeast Michigan right now; Buffalo is under six feet of snow and the Bills-Browns game has been moved to Detroit’s domed stadium. Golf is pretty much at a halt.

Twenty or more years ago, the only choice golfers had in such a dire scenarios was hitting off a mat to a net in the garage.

I’ve done that. Mats and nets in the garage weren’t particularly satisfying, but they at least offered a way to keep the swing somewhat grooved.

As with so much, technology has upended the Ancien Régime. Just as football teams can escape to domes, northern golfers now can play all year around indoors.

On my travels this past summer, I was surprised at how many courses I visited that offered indoor simulators. More and more, golf courses in colder climes have turned themselves into year-round facilities by adding simulator bays.

Simulators are a lot more fun than hitting at a heated range or in an inflatable dome. They are a way to escape from the winter golf blahs.

My home course — Washtenaw Golf Club — has three simulator bays using GolfZon technology. Hundreds of courses are available to play, including classics such as Pebble Beach, Bethpage and St. Andrews’ Old Course. More are being added every week.

In my immediate area, I know of eight other simulator facilities, including a couple of off-course businesses that run year-round. I suppose there are people who like to hit balls, but don’t have the time for a full round. Or maybe some folk just don’t like being outside.

Washtenaw’s simulator bays can handle up to 18 players in a session. One of the simulator bays is set aside in a large room with couches and a giant television. It would perfect for a party.

If you’ve played Washtenaw, you know how well the staff treats its golfers.

For pricing and times, call the Washtenaw Golf Club pro shop at (734) 434-2105.

I intend to play a few simulator rounds this winter. I know that it will be good for my game — and even better for my mental state.

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