Golf 20/20 Reports Golf’s Total Economic Impact is $176.8 Billion

Golf’s economic impact was $68.8 billion in 2011, according to a new study from Golf 20/20. This includes golf facility operations, golf course capital investment, golfer supplies, tournaments and associations, and charities, as well as “enabled categories” such as real estate, hospitality and tourism.

When indirect economic activity is considered, the total extends to $176.8 billion.

Among golf’s economic benefits:

  • 1.98 million jobs

  • $55.6 billion wage income

  • 25.7 million golf participants

  • 15,751 traditional golf facilities

    Interestingly, what’s not on the list of categories are golf media, such as television, web pages and blogs and magazines.

    Golf is good for the country, and our president is doing his part, playing more than 100 rounds in his first term. Indeed, he played five rounds in his most recent trip to Hawaii, while the rest of the administration and Congress were stuck in Washington trying to sort out the fiscal mess.

    The full press release is below:

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    1. Golf is not only great for fitness, socialising and having fun but does its bit for the economy.

      I wouldn’t imagine there would be too many other sports than could have such a massive impact on a country.

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