Golf Adds Five Years To Your Life

From The Herald, in Australia:

A study of 300,000 golfers revealed they were 40 per cent less likely to die at any given age than those who did not play.

Researchers say that equates to an average five extra years of life.

And it’s the best players who are the healthiest, they say – 47 per cent are less likely to die at any point than non-golfers the same age.

The Swedish researchers said that despite the lack of intense physical activity, a single round of golf still involved walking more than 6km.

And the key to success on the links may be found at home. A British study found that players who received the most support off course performed best with their clubs.

Of course, this presumes that you’re walking. Car riders likely are taking years off their lives, since they also always seem to have an ample supply of alcoholic beverages.

2 thoughts on “Golf Adds Five Years To Your Life”

  1. Of course, if you walk, not ride.  But for real golf fanatics, they need to stay fit to improve their game, so thats why some golfers do regular exercises and this contributes to their overall fitness.

  2. I wonder what the beer and the cigars do though.  I don’t drink more than a beer a month outside the club, and I don’t smoke at all away from the course—but I probably average a cigar a round and a beer every two rounds. 

    Of course, having walked 50+ rounds this year so far, and losing 60 pounds doing it, even with the beer and cigs it is hard to think this is bad for me.


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