Golf Bag Sells For $3,300

A Coca Cola golf bag signed by Bill Gates and Warren Buffet sold for $3,300 in an Ebay charity auction. It apparently was once owned and used By Buffet.

I dont’ even know where to begin on this one. At least it was for charity.

2 thoughts on “Golf Bag Sells For $3,300”

  1. Hello. I am a citizen from nebraska and know of warren buffet in omaha nebraska. I am also frequently active on ebay and a huge golfer. I am currently working on a project in school about blogs and this is pretty cool.  I cant believe this bag went for 3,300! Thats crazy. Well thank you for this information. I enjoyed it!


  2. Nice… I have a bag just like it.. Anyone want to buy it… It’s not signed.. Slighty used. I can send Pics. What do you think it’s worth?.




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