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I’m of the age where I can’t even think about shoes without hearing the voice of Mars Blackmon saying “It’s Gotta Be The Shoes!”

After the last round of golf I played, my feet were suffering from blisters, and I thought to myself “It’s gotta be the shoes”. So I went shoe shopping at Golfsmith in Novi, Michigan the and tried on about twenty pair of shoes.

The variety of shoes out now truly is bewildering. There had to be a hundred—including of all things—sandals.

I was looking for a pair designed for walking—and that wasn’t over $100. Further, they had to be black or brown. I really don’t like white.

After spending about an hour, I had the choice down to three:

Callaway Sport Comfort in Black

This is a good looking shoe with athletic shoe comfort. The toe box is plenty and the arch support felt good. It also had a neat feature: under the sole is a removable panel which somehow adjust the inside width of the shoe. I looked at it for quite a while but couldn’t figure out how it worked. But sure as shootin’, when you remove the panel, the shoe feels wider.

My only complaint was that it felt a bit stiff out of the box.

The Nike SP-5 Brown
This Nike shoe is a bit less traditional looking, but I thought it would do. The first thing I noticed is that it runs small. I normally wear a 9 or 9 1/2 wide. I had to go all the way up to a 10 1/2 to get one that would fit. But at that, it fit well. Still, after walking around in the shoe for a while, I got the sense that they would do better as a “cart shoe” than a shoe for someone who walks three rounds a week.

E-Comfort Black/Black Weave

I’ve worn the FootJoy E-Comfort shoes for the last two seasons, and have really liked them. Still, I expected that there would be some new shoes that I liked better.  But I kept returning to them. They are lightweight, flexible, and comfortable. Like a pair of pre-washed jeans, they feel like old friends from the moment I put them on.

So that’s what I bought. A size 9 wide black with black weave Footjoy E Comforts.

Now it is off to the club.

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