Golf Books To Give For Christmas

Reading about golf is the next best thing to playing golf.

Over the last year, I’ve reviewed a good many great golf books, and thought I’d offer a few recommendations for golf book Christmas presents for the golfer in your life.

My highest recommendation goes to:
Freddie and Me: Life Lessons from Freddie Bennett, Augusta National’s Legendary Caddie Master, by Tripp Bodwen. It’s a great coming-of-age story about the relationship between Freddie Bennett and the author that golfers, and non-golfers alike should enjoy. Its the best golf book I’ve read all year—and in the running for the best book I’ve read, period. You can see my full review here.

Another terrific book was Are You Kidding Me?: The Story of Rocco Mediate’s Extraordinary Battle with Tiger Woods at the US Open by Rocco Mediate and John Feinstein is Rocco’s account of the amazing 2008 US Open battle between Rocco Mediate and Tiger Woods. It seems as if the entire nation was glued to the television for that one—and this is a gripping account. It also reveals a great deal about Rocco Mediate, a player who might have been one of the greats had it not been for injury and misfortune.Read my full review here.

imageFinally, for the dreamer in every golfer, there’s A Course Called Ireland: A Long Walk in Search of a Country, a Pint, and the Next TeeTom Coyne’s account of his insane quest to walk the perimeter of Ireland, playing every golf course he encountered along the way is a great trip, and a monument to man’s determination to play golf. You can read the full review here.

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