Golf Cart Tarp Pull

“Up North” at the lake, pulling kids in a large inner tube behind a powerboat is a summer tradition. The guy in this video, however, has seemed to figure out what to do when you don’t have a lake or boat. Pull the kids around the yard on a tarp behind a golf cart.

Mrs. GolfBlogger, who grew up on that Up North lake says, and I quote: That’s pathetic.

For my part, I think this falls under the category of “you really shouldn’t do this at home.” Someone is bound to get hurt. But if you absolutely have to do this, you can find a tarp for the job at Tarps Plus. I had no idea that there was a site specifically designed for tarps, but there it is.

Actually, I’ve been thinking all summer that I need to get a tarp—not for tarp sliding, but to cover my Weber. The expensive custom Weber cover that I bought turned out to be pretty lousy quality and it disintegrated in just two winters. My Dad used to cover his Weber with a basic tarp, held in place with bungy cords through the eye holes. It worked for probaby a tenth of the cost of my fancy setup.

Full Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Tarps Plus.

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