Golf Carts Are Hazardous To Your Health

Two separate studies show that golf carts are dangerous, and injuries on the rise:

The research found that over a four-year period, nearly 50,000 people were hurt in accidents involving golf carts.

One of the studies, by the University of Alabama at Birmingham, said about 1,000 Americans are hurt on golf carts every month. Males aged 10 to 19 and people over 80 had the highest injury rates.

A separate study by the Center for Injury Research and Policy at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, said annual injury rates for golf carts increased 130 percent over 16 years ending in 2006. The report said falling or jumping out of carts accounted for the largest number of injuries, 38 percent.

Abandon the carts. They’re no good for you. Walking is safer and healthier.

2 thoughts on “Golf Carts Are Hazardous To Your Health”

  1. After 3 weeks primarily riding, due to 90+ degrees and also that my back was so sore from working on my fence for 12+hours on some days, I go back to walking today. 

    However, if I wasn’t going to have a bunch of riders in my group today I wouldn’t walk today because of—the chance for Thunderstorms.  I will buy that golf carts are dangerous, but being in the open 2 miles from the clubhouse in lightning is probably more dangerous.


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