Golf Club Shoots Crows

imageA British Golf club is in trouble for shooting crows that trespass its grounds.

Club secretary Austin Moran said: “We have had a problem with crows for the past 15 years.

“We think the crows mistake the balls for food or eggs but our members get very frustrated when they lose a valuable ball.

“We have our own policy as landowners to shoot the crows.

Crows stealing golf balls? Please. Isn’t it just more likely that the members just aren’t hitting them straight.


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6 thoughts on “Golf Club Shoots Crows”

  1. When I worked at a course in Ohio in the 1980s, we had a red fox that would steal balls from the middle of the 6th fairway.  Dozens of people (including me) saw the little SOB dash out to the dogleg while the golfers walked up the fairway. 

    I don’t know about a crow, though.  Seems like it might be a little difficult to keep a ball in its beak.

  2. Our club is famous for its cinnamon rolls. And our members feeding the foxes said rolls. The foxes have become rather tame.

    And not only do the foxes at our club steal balls from the fairways, one was audacious enough to poke his snout in the pocket of a members bag and grab his wallet. As best we figger, it was because it was a leather object. A few bills flew away , but it was several months before the well chewed wallet was recovered, buried in a pile of Titleists and Nikes.

    So, even those who are always on the fairway can be victims.

  3. I’ve been witness twice to crows swooping down and picking up a golf ball. Both times the crow couldn’t carry it very far and ended up dropping it on the adjacent fairway. I have heard of Ravens (larger bird and beak) flying completely away with golf balls.


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