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A cemetary in Belleview, Washington has come up with an idea that’s so obvious I wonder why no one has thought of it before: a golf themed memorial park. From the press release:

Golfers understand the simple joys that accompany a day on the course: the smell of a freshly cut green, the sound of a well-hit drive and the satisfaction of watching a long putt fall into the hole.

It is with these joys in mind that Sunset Hills Memorial Park and Funeral Home dedicates its new Memorial Golf Park, a complete golf hole which allows committed fans of the game to be buried or placed in a permanent golf setting, the nation’s first golf-themed memorial park.

The Sunset Hills Memorial Golf Park, located near Kelsey Creek Park in Bellevue, can accommodate more than 1,281 golf enthusiasts, between full-casket plots and cremation placements. The golf memorial also features an ossuary located under the green, accessible through the actual golf hole.

Designed by a professional golf course designer, the park includes a tee-box, 820-square-foot green, fairway and sand trap. The green features a custom-made bronze cup, which will be used as a passageway to the ossuary.

You can also get your name put on the leaderboard behind the green.

Genius. It’s certainly a lot better than this cemetery I spotted in the middle of a course this summer.

Golf Cemetary

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3 thoughts on “Golf Course Cemetery”

  1. Aloha and happy day! I have advocated this for over 30 years and even took the idea to cemeteries and funeral. In the 80’s I wrote a book and movie script outline and was laughed out of many places. “Final green, the eternal fairways of life.”
    It is a fun story that I still work on from time to time.
    All those beautiful greens and fairways that would also be naming rights revenue generators. The potential is enormous!!


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