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GolfCourseRankings dot com is a new site that lets average players rate their favorite golf courses. Webmaster Steven Zussino explains:

I have built a new site ( in order to promote the game of golf and to promote the exploration of new courses. One of my passions in life is exploring and trying new things and this lets the public share their feelings about a particular course to help make their decisions about where to golf easier. I was also tired of reading reviews in Golf Digest by some columnist and wanted to read reviews from regular golfers who offer a different slant


2 thoughts on “Golf Course Rankings”

  1. Please note that the site mentioned is no longer active. It was a great idea and has been replaced by a more robust site, over 10,000 user rankings in 2 years. The url is

    Almost identical URL, only this one ends with ranking not rankings…the s makes a big difference, in this case an active and robust ranking site vs. a site that has gone to web never land.


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