Golf Digest Embarasses Itself Again


When you are dead, you won’t know it. It is everyone else who suffers.

The same is true when you are stupid.

Or Golf Digest.

I happened to catch the latest stupid Golf Digest tweet (above) trying to generate massive amounts of clicks by showing off Paulina Gretzky’s boobs. There’s no golf here. No tips. No equipment. No reviews. Just hooters.

Golf Digest embarrasses itself, but doesn’t realize it. And golf suffers.

If there is a “crisis” in golf (and I am not convinced that there is), where rounds played, equipment sales and magazine subscriptions are caught in a death spiral, the obvious solution is to significantly increase the number of women in the game. Right now, women constitute perhaps one in ten or twenty golfers (depending upon whom you ask). To offset the losses, all “golf” would need to do is to increase the participation of women from 1 in 20 to, say 5 in twenty.

But that’s not going to happen as long as golf is perceived as a male bastion. Golf Digest, with its misogynistic treatment of women is doing nothing to help that situation. I can’t imagine that exploitative photo stories like those make women feel good about the game. It’s more like a frat-boy fantasy.

I say shame on Golf Digest, but as with dead and stupid, the shame apparently is only felt by everyone else.

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1 thought on “Golf Digest Embarasses Itself Again”

  1. It’s not just Golf Digest… Golf Channel also picked up this photo, and I got a link to a Dustin & Paulina slideshow in my email from Golf Channel.  But at least Golf Channel has always been that.  It is more evident in Golf Digest, because it at least tried to be a little more substantive for a long time.


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