Golf Dot Com Files Chapter 11 In Wake of Dufner Divorce


Yesterday’s announcement that Jason and Amanda Dufner are divorcing has far reaching implications in the golf world. Citing dramatic declines in expected future revenues, Golf.Com has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

“Without Amanda Dufner boob photos to draw readers, we project that we will be unable to pay our bills. Consequently, we have filed for Chapter 11 reorganization, seeking protection from creditors,” said Lars Johnson, Vice President for Boob Media at Golf.Com.

“It is our hope that other tour wives will step up to fill the void. We have reached out to Paulina Gretzky Johnson, Amber Watson and Elle Day in hopes of securing long-term agreements.”

Golf Digest is expected to make a similar announcement later today.

It’s a golfing boobpocalypse.

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1 thought on “Golf Dot Com Files Chapter 11 In Wake of Dufner Divorce”

  1. Perhaps the key ingrediant for a good “April Fool’s Day” posting is an element of believability.  Nicely done!  I suspect it would not be just filing if all boob shots are unavailable (ahem, Golf Digest).


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