Golf Dotz Ball Decal Review

imageGolf Dotz

Grade: A
Teacher’s Comments: A neat idea.

Rule 12-2 of the Rules of Golf states that “Each player should put an indentification mark on his ball.” For most, that means putting a couple of dots on our balls with a sharpie. I like to draw little doodles. You could also go in for one of thse deals where you get a few dozen balls done with a custom print job.

Now there’s another option: Golf Dotz.

Golf Dotz are small decorative decals (the manufacturer wants people to call them golf ball tattoos) that easily stick to your ball as an identifying mark. They come in a variety of symbols, such as skulls, bobs, four leaf clovers, smilies, hearts, flames, aliens, card symbols (hearts, spades, diamonds, clubs),bugs, cats and dogs and the ubiquitous computer power-on symbol (you know, the circle with the verticle line extending from it).

I had three major concerns about the Dotz when I first heard about them. Then I got a sample pack from the manufacturer and all my rears were alleved.

The first concern was that they would be hard to apply. I’m a modeler, and know just how tricky decals can be. But Golf Dotz couldn’t have been easier. You just cut the image out of the sheet and press it to the ball for five seconds or so until it releases from the sheet.

My second concern was that the decals would be thick enough to affect a ball’s performance. Golf Dotz turned out to be incredibly thin, and flexible enough that they conformed exactly to the ridges of a Callaway hex ball. Running my fingers over them, I couldn’t detect their presence.

And finally, I was worried that the decals wouldn’t last for long. The manufacturer claims that you’ll lose your ball before the decal wears off. They’re right. I played two rounds with a single Callaway HX Hot, and the ball showed far more scruffs than the decal (actually, the ball was beat to death, but that’s another issue).

Each pack contains enough decals for two dozen balls at a retail price of around $5. They’d make a good stocking stuffer or small gift for the golfer in yoru life. You can getGolfDotz on Amazon.

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3 thoughts on “Golf Dotz Ball Decal Review”

  1. That is really cool.  It is always such a hassle too draw a dot or two on my ball because I always forget what I put on them.  But with this product I will always remember.

  2. I wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone. too much of a hassle to put it on, didn’t last long on my balls..


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