Golf Games: Blind Bogey

The Blind Bogey is designed to level the playing field in an outing plagued with potential sandbaggers and stacked teams.

In this format, everyone plays their round as best they can as either a single or a team. Then, at the end of the event, the sponsor picks a number between par (or the low score) and 100. The player or team closest to that score is the “winner” of the Blind Bogey—an award that I find is typically given in addition to the traditional “low score” winner. While I suppose that the Blind Bogey could also be the ONLY winner in an event, I don’t recommend it. I think that it would put a damper on the spirit of competition.

A variant of the Blind Bogey has everyone recording their estimated, or actual handicaps before the event. After the round, the sponsor picks a number in the 70s, and the player whose handicapped score is closest to that number is the winner. This rule tends to stymie the sandbagging handicappers.

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